Bored of Taco bell? Try these restaurants instead!

Do you love your Tex-Mex food? But what is Tex-Mex? It is a fusion of the American style of cooking Mexican food. That is why you don’t find these hard shell Tacos in authentic Mexican cuisine. Some say when Mexican culture came into the Texas region of the country, the American chefs inculcated their own style of cooking the Mexican food and thus Tex-Mex was born. The basic ingredients though remain constant. 

So, what is the famous Tex-Mex restaurant in the country? Of course it is Taco Bell. This brand has grown world wide so big that you find it in almost every major country in the world.

But if you want to try your hands in smaller restaurants for Tex-Mex food, then here is the list. 


Formed in the year 1978 in Texas, this brand has more than 150 locations in and around Texas. Primarily known for its Queso and the open-display cooking concept, the brand has a cult following among its customers. The ambience and the mood they set inside the restaurant is great for a casual dining with friends and family.

When it comes to food, their Cheese Enchiladas and the Chicken Flautas are great and so is their Guacamole. 

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A quirky name, isn’t it? The restaurant also does something more than Mexican, they also serve Greek, Steak and Seafood. But their roots stay with Mexicans, especially the Tex-Mex. The tableside prepared Guacamole and other Tacos are great and you might want to come back for more.


Founded in California way back in 1954, El Torito is one of the oldest Tex-Mex restaurants in the country and continues to serve some of the best tex-mex foods. The Street Taco Trio is the most popular one while the other items like the Chile Relleno and Quesadillas are great too.


With around 150 locations in the country and a few in South Korea, On the Border is yet another authentic Tex-Mex restaurant. When I call Tex-Mex an authentic cuisine, it means On the Border is so great in making what they make the best. Right from the hard shelled Tacos to Chicken Flautas, Guacamole and the other varieties of Taco. Their Fajitas are the best sellers. 

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For a change, this is the brand that started out in Mexico and later grew up to start a brand in the US in the year 1980. Unlike other restaurants, this brand specializes in Chicken which is marinated in herbs and grilled. This is then served in Burritos Salads and other dishes.

For you to have great Tex-Mex food, there are so many options out there. Hundreds of brands and thousands of restaurants, all you need to do is find one nearby your location and just get in and order a Taco or two.